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Wait a little longer please Jesus
Wait for the Light to shine
Wait on you
Waiting at the Gate
Waiting for tomorrow
Waiting here for You
Waiting on You
Walk beside me
Walk by Faith
Walk in the light
Walk right out of this valley
Walk with me Lord
Walking in the Light
Walking in the Light of God
Walking like Giants
Walking Miracle
Walking my Lord up to Calvary's Hill
Walking on water
Walking with Jesus
Wall of Prayer
Wandering Soul
Warrior is a Chld (Paris)
Warrior is a Chld (Valenciano)
Washed by the Water
Washed in the Blood
Wasn't that Love
Watch and see
Watching You
Waves of Glory
Wayfaring Stranger
We are
We are getting closer to the Grave each Day
We are going down the Valley
We are Heirs
We are here to worship
We are hungry
We are not ashamed
We are one in the Spirit
We are standing on Holy Ground
We are Kingdom
We are Light
We are the Reason
We are united in Jesus Christ
We Believe
We Believe in one true God
We bring the Sacrifice of Praise
We bow down
We bow down and confess
We buried her beneath the Willow
We call on Him
We come to praise
We exalt Thee
We fall down
We gather together
We have come into His House
We shall see Jesus
We thank Thee
We three Kings
We Volunteers
We want to see Jesus lifted up
We will Dance
We will remember
We will see miracles
We will worship the Lamb
We won't be Home until then
We won't be shaken
Wealth won't save your Soul
Wedding Music
Welcome Holy Spirit
Welcome Table
Welcome to the new
Welcome to the promised Land
Welcome wanderer welcome
Well done
We'll give all the Glory to Jesus
We'll never say goodbye
We'll not be defeated
We'll outshine the Sun
We'll soon be done with Troubles and Trials
We'll talk it over
We'll work till Jesus comes
Well of His mercy
Were it not for Grace
We're marching to Zion
We've a Story to tell to the Nations
We've been made more than Conquerors
We've come a long Way
We've come to declare
We've got the power
Wear a Crown
We're together again
What a beautiful Day
What a beautiful Name
What a Day that shall be
What a Friend
What a Friend Thou art to me
What a Friend we have in Jesus
What a Glorious Night
What a lovely Name
What a mighty God we serve
What a Savior
What Child is this
What Faith can do
What Heaven means to me
What Mercy did for me
What I have vowed
What if it were today
What Sin
What Sins are you talking about?
What this World needs
What this World needs is Jesus
What a Meeting in the air
What Time we will have over there
What was that You said Lord
What will it be like
What will you do with Jesus
What would you give in Exchange
What You could do with me
What you want
Whatever it takes
Whatever you'r doing
What's wrong with my Children
When all of Gods Singers get Home
When God comes and gathers His Jewels
When God dips His Pen of Love in my heart
When God ran
When God dips His Pen of Love in my heart2
When He blest my Soul
When He calls me
When He cometh
When He reached down His Hand
When He shall come
When He speaks
When He was on the Cross I was on His Mind
When Hope came down
When I call on Jesus
When I get carried away
When I get to the end of the Way
When I hear the Praises start
When I lay my Isaac down
When I look into Your Holiness
When I looked up and He looked down
When I remember what the Lord has done
When I say Master
When I see my Savior
When I see the Blood
When I see the Cross
When I see the Cross (Spencers)
When I sing for Him
When I speak Your Name
When I survey the wondrous Cross
When I take my Vacation
When I think about the Cross
When I think of the goodness of Jesus
When I think upon Christmas
When I travel my last Mile
When I wake to sleep no more
When I walk up the Streets of Gold
When I'm with you
When it's all been said and done
When Jesus breaks the Morning
When Jesus Calls
When Jesus Calls His Children
When Jesus Passed By
When Jesus speaks peace
When King Jesus Comes
When Love was born
When Love was slain
When Mercy Found Me
When Morning gilds the Skies
When our Lord shall come again
When praise demands a sacrifice
When the Angels carry me Home
When the crazy kicks in
When the Fire comes down from Heaven
When the pearly Gates unfold
When the Redeemed are gathering in
When the Roll is called up Yonder
When the Saints go marching in
When the Shepherd comes home
When the Spirit of the Lord
When the Sun of my Life goes down
When the Stars burn down
When the Sun of my Life goes down
When the World's on Fire
When they ring the Bells of Heaven
When they ring the Golden Bells
When we all get to Heaven
When we see Christ
When you love someone
When you're looking at me
Where Angels Sing
Where are you Christmas
Where could I go
Where do I go from here
Where He leads me
Where I Belong
Where is my boy tonight
Where no Cabins will fall
Where no one stands alone
Where the Roses never fade
Where the Soul never dies
Where the Spirit of the Lord is
Where we'll never grow old
Where would I be without Jesus
Whereever he leads I go
Whereever You are
Whereever You go
While I'm waiting
While Shepherds watch their Flocks
While the Ages Roll on
Whisper a Prayer
Whispering Hope
White as Snow
White as Snow (NewSong)
Whiter than Snow
Whither thou goest
Whole Heart
Wholly Yours
Who Am I
Who Am I (Casting Crowns)
Who at my Door is standing
Who I Am
Who I Am (Hymn)
Who is He in yonder Stall
Who is on the Lord's side
Who is that knocking
Who says God is dead
Who will be Jesus
Who will sing for me
Who You are
Who You Say I Am
Whole again
Whom shall I fear
Whose Report Do you believe
Whosoever Will
Why can't we
Why me Lord
Why should I worry
Why would He love me so
Wicked Path of Sin
Wide as the Ocean
Will Jesus find us watching
Will the Circle be unbroken
Will there be any Stars
Will you meet me at the Fountain
Will you walk with me
Will Your Anchor hold
Winds of Fatih
Wings of Fatih
Winner either way
Winter Wonderland
Wishful thinking
With a thankful Heart
With all I am
With all the many Miracles
With every act of Love
With every Breath
With God
With grateful Heart
With His Hands on my Shoulder
With my whole Heart
Without Him
Woke Up This Morning
Wonderful Grace of Jesus
Wonderful Maker (Camp)
Wonderful Maker (Tomlin)
Wonderful Merciful Savior
Wonderful Peace
Wonderful, wonderful Jesus
Wonderful words of Life
Wonders You perform
Won't it be wonderful
Word of Life
Word of God speak
Worlds greatest Story
Working on the Buildings
Working the Road to Glory
Worship the Lord
Worship the Lord (Ron Kenoly)
Worship you again
Worthy the Lamb
Worthy is the Lamb
Worthy of my Song
Worthy of Praise
Worthy to be praised
Worthy to be praised (McAlister)
Worthy to be praised (Planetshakers)
Would you be ready
Wounded for me
Wraped up, tied up
Write your Story
Written in Red