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Walking Like Giants Lyrics & Chords

By Stars Go Dim

Verse 1 (G)Life seems like an uphill battle Like more than you can (Am)handle (Em)But we have a hope that's (C)real There's (G)power that lives inside us We were made with hearts like (Am)lions (Em)We're not given a spirit of (C)fear Pre-Chorus (G)His strength inside us, we're all fighters (Am)made to rise (Em)With faith alive, we're standing (C)ten feet high. Chorus We're not (G)giving up when (C)struggles come, #they're not (Em)big enough (C)Oh There's no (G)stopping us we're fearless (C)inside We're (Em)walking like (C)giants we're not (G)giving up With every (C)step He's still (Em)here with us (C)oh What(G)ever comes our (C)way we'll be (Em)walking like giants, (C)walking like (G)giants Verse 2 It might seem like the biggest mountains got you surrounded But there's a God above it all with no fear, we keep moving forward Yeah we're marching on like soldiers no such thing as impossible Bridge What(G)ever may come We're (C)rising above Through (Em)fire or rain Nothing's (C)stopping us

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