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When You Love Somebody Lyrics & Chords

By Big Daddy Weave

Verse 1 (Em)I was (G)drifting in (C)my fear sinking (Em)Always (G)looking for (C)a home (Em)I was (G)searching (C)but never finding (Em)The place (G)where I (C)belong It (D)was Jesus (Bm)all (C)along Chorus When you (G)love somebody there's a fire inside When You (C)love somebody (G)you just can't hide I'm in (Em)love with the (D)One, oh-oh when (G)you love somebody You come alive when (C)you love somebody You'll testify I'm in (Em)love with the (D)One who saved (C)my life Verse 2 I was silent in my own darkness Then You said let there be light Now I'm waking up to find Bridge (D)I'm (Em)gonna (C)shout it from (D)the (Em)rooftops (C)All that You've (D)done for (Em)me I'm gonna (C)sing it cause (D)I can't (Em)stop I'm (C)free

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