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We Are Standing On Holy Ground Lyrics & Chords

Written by Geron Davis

(C)When I walked through the door I senced His (G)presence
And I (Dm)knew this was the (G)place where love a(C)bounds.
For this is a temple Jehova, God (Dm)abides here
And we are (C)standing in His (G)presence on Holy (C)Ground.

(C)We are standing on Holy Ground
And I know there are (Dm)angels all around.
Let us (C)praise (F)Jesus (C)now,
For we are standing in His (Dm)presence on (G)Holy (C)Ground.

(C)In His presence I know there is joy beyond all (G)messure
And at His Dm)feet sweet peace of (G)mind can still be (C)found.
For when we have a need He still (Dm)has the answer
For we are (C)standing in His (G)presence on Holy (C)Ground.

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