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When God Dips His Pen Of Love In My Heart Lyrics & Chords

By Ralph Hill & Bobby Atkins

(C)When God dips His pen of (F)love in my (C)heart And He writes my soul a message He (D)wants me to (G)know His (C)spirit all divine fills a (F)sinful soul of (C)mine When God dips His (G)love in my (C)heart Chorus (C)Well I said I wouldn't tell it to a living soul How He (F)brought salvation and He made me (C)whole But I found I couldn't hide such a love as (D)Jesus did (G)impart Well He (C)made me laugh and He made me cry, set (F)my sinful soul on (C)fire When God dips His (G)love in my (C)heart Well sometimes though the way is dreary, dark and cold And some unburdened sorrow keeps me from the goal I go to God in prayer, I can always find Him there To whisper sweet peace to my soul He walked up every step of Calvary's rugged way And gave His life completely to bring a better day My life was steeped in sin but in love He took me in His blood washed away every stain

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