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Whole Again (Come Alive) Lyrics & Chords

By Lincoln Brewster

Verse 1 (C)You know the cracks upon my (F)heart (Em)And save my tears inside a (G)jar (Am)You see beyond my veiled (F)smile (Am)As a (G)father knows his (C)child Chorus (F)You take (G)all my (Em)broken(F)ness All my (G)hurt and (Em)all my (F)mess Every (G)piece in (Em)faithful (F)hands And somehow (G)make me whole (C)again Verse 2 While time and trust taught me pain You were there to show me grace A thousand times I've been let down But You redeem the hurt I've found (C)You breathe upon My (Am)weary soul And (Em)I come (F)alive

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