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What Sin Lyrics & Chords

By Morgan Cryar

(G)It happened so long ago And I (C)cried out for mercy back then I (Em)plead the blood of Jesus (C)Begged him (D)to for(Em)give my (D)sin (G)But I still can't forget it (C)It just won't go away So I (Em)wept again, (G)"Lord wash my sin," But (C)this is all He'd (D)say Chorus (G)What sin, (D)what sin? Well that's as (Em)far away as the (G)east is from the (C)west (D) (G)What sin, (D)what sin? It was (Em)gone the very (G)minute you con(C)fessed Buried in the (D)sea of forgetful(G)ness The heaviest thing you'll carry Is a load of guilt and shame You were never meant to bear them So let them go in Jesus name Our God is slow to anger Quick to forgive our sin So let Him put them under the blood Don't bring them up again Cause He'll just say Bridge (Am)Lord, please de(G)liver (C)me from my accusing memo(G)ry (Am) Nothing makes me (G)weep this (C)way, Then when I (D)hear you say

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