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Why Me Lord Lyrics & Chords

By Kris Kristofferson

(D)Why me Lord what have I ever (G)done
To deserve even (D)one of the pleasures I've (A)known
Tell me (D)Lord what did I ever (G)do
That was worth loving (D)you or the (A)kindness you've (D)shown

(G)Lord help me Jesus I've (D)wasted it so
Help me (A)Jesus I know what I (D)am
(G)Now that I know that I've (D)needed you so
Help me (A)Jesus my soul's in your (D)hand

(D)Tell me Lord if you think there's a (G)way
I can try to (D)repay all I've taken from (A)you
Maybe (D)Lord I can show someone (G)else
What I've been through (D)myself on my (A)way back to (D)you

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