Worth Lyrics & Chords

By Anthony Brown

(G)You thought I was worth (D)saving So, You came in changed my life You thought (A)I was worth (Bm)keeping So, You (A)cleaned me up in(Bm)side You thought (A)I was to (G)die for So, You (Gm)sacrificed your life So, I could be (D)free So, (A)I could be (Bm)whole So, (A)I could tell (Em)everyone (D)I (A)know (D)Hallelu(A)jah (Bm)Glory to (A)God who changed my (Bm)life (A) (G)I will praise You, (Gm)forever I will worship You, forever I will give You glory, forever Because I am (D)free Bec(A)ause I am (Bm)whole And (A)I will tell (Em)everyone (D)I (A)know

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