Would You Be Ready (If Jesus Comes Today) Lyrics & Chords

By Buck Owens

(D)There are lots of hard times Christians living (G)round us every (D)day Six days for earthly pleasure leaving (E)one day off to (A)pray But (D)they stand and face the Savior if (G)this was the judgment (D)day Would they be ready if (A)Jesus came (D)today Chorus (D)Would you be ready if (G)Jesus came (D)today Would you be ready to (E)follow in His (A)way Would (D)He take you by the hand or would He (G)have you turn (D)away Would you be ready if (A)Jesus came (D)today Well He tells us in the Bible just exactly what to do You'd better read it brother it's meant for me and you Better have your answer ready if today should be the day Would you be ready if Jesus came today

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