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When I Think Upon Christmas Lyrics & Chords

By Hillsong Worship

Verse 1 (C)When I think upon (F)Christmas (C)Words can’t (F)express How our (Am)Father in (F)heaven Has sent us His (G)best To be (C)born in a (F)manger The (C)King in the (F)hay And (Am)creation will (F)worship His (G)Name Chorus For the (F)joy of the (C)world He was (G)born Bringing (F)peace to us (C)all Through the (Am)gift of the (F)Son Now the (Am)darkest of (F)ages are (C)done For the (Am)Saviour of (F)heaven has (C)come Verse 2 When I think upon Jesus The King of all days I can’t help but respond With an offering of praise Like the wise men and shepherds I’ll follow Your light Like the angels I’ll lift Your Name high Chorus For the joy of the world You were born Bringing peace to us all For the gift of Your love Now the darkest of ages are done For the Saviour of heaven has come Verse 3 Now I look back in reverence To that holy night For the God of the heavens Had us on His mind Let us sing of His glory Rejoice in His Name Oh Emmanuel with us always And forever His kingdom will reign

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