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When They Ring Those Golden Bells Lyrics & Chords

Hymn by Archie Campbell and Dion DeMarbelle

(C)There's a land beyond the river
That we (F)call the sweet for(C)ever
And we only reach that (Am)shore by fate's de(G)cree
One by (C)one we'll gain the portals
There to (F)dwell with the im(C)mortals
When they ring those (F)golden (C)bells for you and (C)me

(C)Don't you (F)hear the bells now ringing
Don't you (C)hear the (G)angels (C)singing
This glory halle(Am)lujah jubi(G)lee
In that (C)far off sweet forever
Just (F)beyond the shining (C)river
When they ring those (F)golden (C)bells for (G)you and (C)me

(C)We shall no sin or sorrow
In our (F)haven of (C)tomorrow
When our boat shall sail (Am)beyond the silver (G)sea
We (C)shall only know the blessing
Of our (F)Father’s sweet (C)caressing
When they ring those (F)golden (C)bells for (G)you and (C)me

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