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What Heaven Means To Me Lyrics & Chords

By Jimmie Davis

(G)A country where no twilight shadows deepen
Unending day where night shall never (D)be
A (G)city where the (C)storm clouds never (G)gather
Oh, this is just what (D)heaven means to (G)me

What (G)will it be when (C)we get over (G)yonder
And join the throng upon the glassy (D)sea
To (G)meet our loved ones and (C)crown Christ (G)forever
Oh, this is just what (D)heaven means to me

And (G)when at last we see the face of Jesus
Before whose image other loves all (D)flee
And (G)when they crown Him (C)Lord of all...I'll (G)be there
Oh, (G)this is just what (D)heaven means to (G)me

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