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The World's Greatest Story Lyrics & Chords

Chuck Wagon Gang

Verse 1 (G)The worlds greatest story (C)In the Bible is (G)told It's the story of (D)Jesus And it never grows (G)old He was born in a manger (C)Gave His life on the (G)cross Brought hope and sal(D)vation To a world that was (G)lost Chorus (G)It's the worlds greatest (C)story That has ever been (G)told A story more (D)precious Than diamonds or (G)gold How this lone Galli(C)lean Saved the from its (G)fall That's the worlds greatest (D)story Greatest story of (G)all Verse 2 An old-fashioned story Yet it's never new Tho skeptics may doubt it I believe it is true Tis the dawn of creation You may search but you'll There's no greater story On the pages of time Chorus 'Tis the worlds greatest story That has ever been told A story more precious Than diamonds or gold How this lone Gallilean Saved the from its fall That's the worlds greatest story Greatest story of all

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