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Safe in my Fathers arms
Safe in the Arms of Jesus
Safe thus far
Sailing toward Home
Salvation belongs to our God
Salvations tide
Sandas of time
Satisfied (Martha Carson)
Satisfied (Ronny Freeman)
Satisfied Mind
Same God
Same Power
Satan's gotta get along without me
Save my Life
Saved by Grace
Saved, Saved
Savior like a Shepherd lead us
Savior more than Life to me
Say Amen
Scarlet Cord
Search me O God
Search my Heart
Second Chance
Secret Place
Seek ye first
Seeking the Lost
Send the Light
Sermon on the Mount
Servants Heart
Servant Song
Serving God is beautiful
Set my Spirit Free
Set your House in order
Settle the Score
Shadow of Your Wings
Shadow of His Wings
Shake Hands with Mother
Shall we gather at the River
Shamgar had an Ox Goad
Sheltered in the Arms of God
Shepherd in search of a lamb
Shepherd of my Valley
Shepherd's Call
Shepherd's Point of view
Shine from the Mountain
Shine Jesus shine
Shine on us
Shine on us 2
Shout it out
Shout to the Lord
Shout to the North
Shouting on the Hills of Glory
Show me Thy way o Lord
Show me your Glory
Show us Christ
Show Your Power
Showers of Blessings
Shut in with God
Side by Side
Silent Night
Silver Bells
Simple Pursuit
Simply Redeemed
Sin can never enter there
Sin died here
Since God drew me
Since He gave me this Heart of Love
Since I have been redeemed
Since I laid my burdens down
Since Jesus came into my Heart
Sing a new Song
Sing a Song
Sing for Joy
Sing Hallelujah to the Lord
Sing like the Saved
Sing of His great Love
Sing we the King
Singing I go
Sinking Ships
Sinner saved by grace
Sky spills over
Sleigh Ride
Slow down
So glad I'm Yours, Lord
So good to me
So great a Salvation
So much God
So much to thank Him for
So near to the Kingdom
So send I you
So will I
Soldier in the Army of the Lord
Soldier on his knees
Solid Rock
Softly and Tenderly
Sojourners Song
Soldiers of Christ Arise
Some golden Daybreak
Some call it Heaven
Some glad Day after while
Some Men trust in Chariots
Somebody loves me
Somebody ought to testify
Somebody prayed for me
Somebody touched me
Somebody touched me (Harvesters)
Somebody's praying
Someday my Ship will sail
Someone to Care
Something Beautiful
Something Beautiful (Gaither)
Something for Thee
Something in my Heart
Something in the Water
Something keeps holding me
Something out of Nothing
Something's got a hold of me
Sometimes it takes a Mountain
Sometimes He calms the storm
Sometimes I cry
Somewhere between Jesus and John Wayne
Son of God Eternal Savior
Song of Freedom
Soul on Fire
Sounds like Home to me
Soon and very soon
Sound the Battle cry
Sovereign over us
Sow in tears reap in joy
Sow Mercy
Speak Life
Speak Lord
Speak Lord in the Stillness
Speak, my Lord
Speak the Name
Speak the Word
Speak to the mountains
Spirit of God Move
Spirit of the living God (Vertical Church)
Spirit of the living God (Meredith Andrews)
Spirit of the living God (Hymn)
Spirit of God descend upon my Heart
Spirit Song
Split the Sea
Spread Joy Over This Land
Spread your Wings little Eagle
Spring of living Water
Spring up o well
Springtime in Glory
Stairway to Heaven
Stand by me
Stand in Your Love
Stand on His Word
Stand still
Stand up for Jesus
Standing in the need of Prayer
Standing on the Promises
Standing somewhere in the shadows
Star of Wonder
Star spangled Banner
Stars in the Night
Start a Fire
Start a Fire (Unspoken)
Starts with me
Steal away
Steal my Show
Step by step
Step into the Water
Still (Anadara)
Still (Hillary Scott)
Still holding on
Still I will trust You
Still trust You
Stillness (Speak to me)
Stone's been rolled away
Streets of Gold
Stroll over Heaven with You
Strong Enough
Strong Tower
Stronger Wind
Such Love
Sun of my Soul
Sunlight (in my soul today)
Sun's coming up in the Morning
Surely Goodness and Mercy
Surely the Presence of the Lord
Surgery in my Heart
Surround me
Sweep over my Soul
Sweet By and By
Sweet Holy Spirit
Sweet Hour of Prayer
Sweet Jesus
Sweet Jesus (Selah)
Sweet Mercies
Sweet Peace
Sweet Peace the Gift of God
Sweet sweet Spirit
Sweet Will of God
Sweet Wind
Sweeter as the days go by
Sweetly Broken
Swing low sweet Chariot
Swoop Down Sweet Jesus


Tabernacle Tom
Tagging Along
Take away Jesus
Take it to the Cross
Take it to the Lord in prayer
Take me in
Take me in your Lifeboat
Take me to the king
Take my Hand Precious Lord
Take my Life and let it be
Take the Name of Jesus with you
Take this whole World
Take Time to be Holy
Take up thy Cross
Take up your Cross
Talk about Happy
Talk it all over with Him
Talking to God
Teach me, Lord, to wait
Tears are a language
Tears will never stain the Streets
Tell it to Jesus
Tell me
Tell me His Name again
Tell Mother I'll be there
Tell me the old, old Story
Tell me the Story of Jesus
Tell the Mountain
Tell your Heart to beat again
Ten Commandments
Ten Thousand Angels
Ten Thousand Reasons
Tenderly guide us
Tenderly He watches
Tennessee Christmas
Thank God
Thank God for grace
Thank God for grace (Whisnants)
Thank God for the Blood
Thank God I'm free (Believers)
Thank God I'm free
Thank Him for the miracle
Thank You (Isaacs)
Thank You (Jesus Army)
Thank You for giving to the Lord
Thank You for the storm
Thank You for saving me
Thank You Jesus
Thank You Jesus (Terry Clark)
Thank You Jesus for my Mom
Thank You Jesus for the blood
Thank you Lord for holding me
Thank you Lord, for saving my Soul
Thank You for the Blood
Thank You for the Storm
Thank You Lord
Thank You Lord for your blessings on me
Thank you, thank you, Lord
Thanks to Calvary
That was then this is now
That good old Gospel Way
That's All I Need
That's Enough
That's how You forgive
That's just His Way
That's the Man I'm looking for
That's no Hill for a Climber
That's what Gracce is for
That's what He is to me
That's what Jesus means to me
That's why I love Him
The Anchor holds
The Answer
The Answer's on the way
The Banner of the Cross
The Battle is the Lord's
The Bible stands
The Birds upon the Tree top
The Birthday of a King
The Blessing
The Blood says you can
The Blood will never lose
The Call
The Church's One Foundation
The Circuit-Ridin' Preacher
The Cleansing Wave
The Commission
The Conversation
The Cross has the final word
The Cross said it all
The Day He wore my Crown
The Day of Redemption is near
The Eastern Gate
The Family of God
The Family who prays
The first Noel
The Flowers, The Sunset, The Trees
The Glory of the Cross
The God I know
The God of Abraham praise
The God of all Comfort
The Gospel Express
The Gospel Song
The Great Emancipator
The Great I am
The Judgement Morning
The Great Physician
The Great Speckled Bird
The Greatest Commands
The Greatest Morning
The Happy Song
The Haven of Rest
The Healer
The Homecoming Week
The King of Love
The last Mile of the Way
The last Walk
The Lifeboat
The Light in me
The Light of the World is Jesus
The Lighthouse
The Lily of the Valley
The Longer I serve Him
The Lord is good
The Lord is my Light
The Lord reigns
The Lords my Shepherd
The Lords Prayer
The Love of God
The Majesty and Glory of Your Name
The Master hath come
The Man upstairs
The Meeting in the Air
The Message of His coming
The Mercies of God
The Motions
The Name of the Lord is a Strong Tower
The old Gospel Ship
The old man is dead
The old rugged Cross
The old rugged Cross made the difference
The old Ship of Zion
The old Time Religion
The One I'm dying for
The One I'm running to
The only Name Your's will be
The Only real Peace
The Other Side of the Cross
The Pearly White City
The Potter knows the Clay
The Potters Hand
The Preacher said Jesus Said
The Prettiest Flowers will be blooming
The Proof of Your Love
The Power of the Cross
The River
The River (Brian Doerkson)
The Sands of Time are sinking
The Savior is waiting
The Solid Rock
The steadfast Love of our Lord
The Steps of a good Man
The Story I'll tell
The truth is
The Unveiled Christ
The very next thing
The Way
The Way (New Horizon)
The Way of the Cross leads Home
The Way that he loves
The Well
The wise man built his house upon the Rock
The Windows of Heaven are open
The wonder of it all
The wonderful Cross
The wonderful Story
The Words I should say
Then Jesus Came
There has never been a Day like this Day
There is a Fountain filled with Blood
There is Land
There is louder shout to come
There is a quiet place
There is a Redeemer
There is a River
There is a Song in the Air
There is Joy in the Lord
There is None like You
There is Power
There is Power in the Blood
There was Jesus
There will be a Day
There is something about that Name
There is Sunshine in my Soul Today
There remaineth a rest
There You Are
Therefore the Redeemed
There'll be another Spring
There's a Fountain open
There's a great Day coming
There's a great Magnet drawing
There's a Higher Power
There's a Light guiding me
There's a Miracle in the making
There's a Man in here
There's a Treasure in Heaven
There's never been a mountain
There's no disappointments in Heaven
There's something that's different about Him
There is Nothing out there
Thirsty (Chris Rice)
There's still a Refuge
They Come
They sing a new Song
They that sow in tears
They'll know we are Christians
Thirty Pieces of Silver
Thine be the Glory
This Blood
This Christmas Love
This God is too good
This I Believe (The Creed)
This is Amazing Grace
This is Christmas
This is like Heaven to me
This is the Day
This is the Stuff
This is time I must sing
This little Light of mine
This my Fathers World
This Man
This Valley is for me
This World is not my Home
Thou art the Everlasting Word
Thou art Worthy
Thou didst leave Thine throne
Thou wilt keep him
Though You slay me
Thead of Hope
Throne Room
Through all of it
Through it all
Through It All My Lord Has Been Faithful
Through the Fire
Through the Valley
Throw out the Lifeline
Thy Burdens are greater than mine
Thy Lovingkindness
Thy Mercy My God
Thy Will
Thy Word
'Til Your Kingdom comes
'Till the land
'Till the last Leaf shall fall
'Till the Storm passes by
'Till the Storm passes by (Larson)
'Time out for Jesus
'Tiny Town
'Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus
To be like Him
To be together
To God alone
To God be the Glory
To Live Is Christ
To my Mansion in the Sky
To the Table
To the Work
Today is mine
Toe to Toe with the Devil
Too much to gain to lose
Touch of God's Hand
Touch the Sky
Touch by a fire
Touching Jesus
Trading my Sorrows
Tramp on the Street
Treasure Money can't buy
Tree for the Cross
Trees of the Field
Troublesome Waters
Truth I'm standing on
Truth is marching on
Trust and Obey
Trust in Jesus
Trust in the Lord
Trust in You
Trusting in Jesus
Trusworthy Wholehearted
Turn your Eyes upon Jesus
Turned away from the beautiful Gate
Turning to the Light
Two Coats