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The Day Of Redemption Is Near Lyrics & Chords

(D)Nations are breaking, Israel’s awaking, The signs that the prophets fore(A)told; The Gentile days numbered, with horrors encumbered; Eternity soon will un(D)fold. Chorus The (G)day of redemption is (D)near, Men’s hearts are failing for (A)fear; Be (D)filled with the Spirit, your lamps trimmed and (G)clear, Look (D)up! Your re(A)demption is (D)near. The fig tree is growing; Jerusalem’s restoring Her national life, long dethroned; Today she is calling, her latter rain’s falling. “Return, O dispersed, to your own.” Heaven’s powers are shaking, and many are mistaking God’s meaning to be of the sky; God’s Church is the power that’s shaking this hour; The day of redemption is nigh. False prophets are lying. God’s Truth they’re denying, That Jesus the Christ is our God; Though this generation spurns God’s revelation, We’ll walk where the apostles have trod.

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