With All The Many Miracles Lyrics & Chords

By Rodney Griffin

(G)God gave a (C)bold command To cross the Jordan and (F)take the (C)land Not to (G)worry about the giants they would (C)face (D)But when the (C)spies returned To tell the others (F)what they had (C)learned They (G)said, (Bm)"For us to (G)win, there's just no (C)way." (D)Still two of them (C)trusted God, Caleb and (F)Joshu(C)a They said, (G)"Children, don't believe what you have (C)heard. We know we're out-manned by far and they're much bigger than we are (F) (C) But let's (G)not forget just who it is we (C)serve." Chorus (C)With all the many (F)miracles, (G)Why don't you think it's (C)possible? With all the many things we've (D)seen, (G) Why do you think it's (C)just (B)a (C)dream? With all the things He's (F)done for us, Don't you think it's (C)time (G)we (A)trust? (C)Remember what is possib(F)-(G)-le With (C)all the many (A)mi(G)ra(C)cles. Like when we were about to die Manna fell from the sky And water came from a dry old dusty rock And back when Pharaoh was closing in God closed the sea again But not before we all had safely crossed. So, here you are, my friend You face a battle you cannot win And you tell yourself, "There's just no need to try" Consider how good God's been He's been faithful time and again You must believe and here's the reason why.

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