Who You Are Lyrics & Chords

By Unspoken

Verse 1 (G)I know that look you're (D)giving, Like you've (A)got something to (Bm)prove 'Cause (G)I have walked for (D)miles and miles In (A)that same pair of (Bm)shoes (G)You refuse for(D)giveness Like it's (A)something to be (Bm)earned (G) Sometimes (A)pain's the only (Bm)way that we can (G)learn Chorus You can never fall (D)too hard, So fast, (A)so far That you can't (Bm)get back When you're lost (G)Where you are is never (D)too late, So bad, (A)so much That you can't (Bm)change (G)Who you are, (D)ooo-oooh (A)ooo-oooh (Bm)ooo-oooh (G)You can change who you are, (D)ooo-oooh (A)ooo-oooh (Bm)ooo-oooh Verse 2 You believe in freedom, But you don't know how to choose You gotta step out of your feelings That you're so afraid to lose And everyday You put your feet on the floor, you gotta walk through the door It's never gonna be easy But it's all worth fighting for Bridge So let the (Em)ashes fall wher(G)ever they land (D)Come back from wher(A)ever you've been (Bm)To the foot of the (G)cross (D)To the feet of (A)Jesus, The feet of (G)Jesus

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