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A Wall Of Prayer Lyrics & Chords

By The McKameys

Verse 1 (C)There are walls made by (G)man built by (C)frail and human (F)hands that an (C)enemy can (D)scale and get to (G)you. But there is (C)One protecting (G)me from my (C)greatest ene(F)my Its a (C)wall that (G)Satan cant break (C)through. Chorus (C)Sometimes a wall of (G)grace some(C)times a wall of (F)faith Other (C)times its sweet (D)mercy that I (G)need. But the (C)One for which I (G)long it makes (C)all the others (F)strong. I need a (C)wall of (G)prayer surrounding (C)me. Verse 2 Oh my brother when Im weak would you stand instead for me and pray a fortress round me strong that cant be moved. And I promise you today when I bow my knees to pray Ill do my best to build a wall of prayer for you. Bridge Sweet hour of prayer sweet hour of prayer that calls me from a world of care. But the one for which I long it makes all the others strong. I need a wall of prayer surrounding me.

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