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Where Are You Christmas Lyrics & Chords

By Selah

Verse 1 (G)Where are you (D)Christmas (C)Why can't I (D)find you (G)Why have you (D)gone (Em)a-(C)way? (D) (G)Where is the (D)laughter (C)You used to (D)bring me (G)Why can't I (D)hear music (Em)pl-(C)ay (D) My (C)world is (G)chang(C)ing I'm (C)rearrang(C)ing Does that mean (G)Christmas (C)chang(D)es (G)too Chorus (G)Where are you (D)Christmas (C)Do you (D)remember The (G)one you (D)used to (Em)kn(C)ow (D) I'm (C)not the (G)same (C)one see what the (G)time's (C)done Is that why (G)you (C)have (D)let (C)me (G)go (Em)Christmas is (B)here Every(G)where, (B)oh (Em)Christmas is (D)here if you (G)care, (D)oh (G)If there is (D)love in your (C)heart and your (G)mind (C)You will feel like (G)Christmas (C)all the (D)time Verse 2 I feel you Christmas I know I've found you You never fade away The joy of Christmas Stays here inside us Fills each and every heart with love Where are you Christmas Fill your heart with love

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