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Where Is My Boy Tonight Lyrics & Chords

By Robert Lowry

(G)Where is my (C)wanderin’ (G)boy tonight The (C)boy of my tenderest (G)years The boy that was (C)once my (G)joy and life The (D)child of my love and (G)prayer? Chorus Oh (C)where is my boy to(G)night Oh (D)where is my boy tonight My (G)heart oer'flows, for I love him he (C)knows Oh (G)where is my (D)boy to(G)night? Once he was pure as morning dew, As he knelt at his mother’s knee; No face was as bright, no heart more true, And none was so sweet as he. O could I see you now, my boy, As fair as in olden time, When prattle and smile made home a joy, And life was a merry chime! Go for my wandering boy tonight; Go search for him where you will; But bring him to me with all his blight, And tell him I love him still.

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