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Wholly Yours Lyrics & Chords

By David Crowder Band

(G)I am (Em)full of (C)earth, You are heavens (G)worth I am (Em)stained with (C)dirt, prone to depravity And (G)You are (Em)every(C)thing that is bright and (G)clean The anto(Em)nym of (C)me, You are divinity (Em)But a (C)certain sign of (G)grace is (D)this (Em)From the (C)broken earth (G)flowers (Em)come up (D)Pushing through the dirt Chorus And You are (C)holy, (G)holy, (D)holy And You are (C)holy, (G)holy, (D)God And You are (C)holy, (G)holy, (D)holy I want to be (C)holy (G)like You (D)are Verse 2 You are everything that is bright and clean And Youre covering me with Your majesty And the truest sign of grace was this From wounded hands redemption fell down, liberating man Bridge (F)But the harder I (C)try the more clearly can (G)I feel the depth of our (D)fall and the weight of it (C)all And so this might could (Em)be, the most impossible (G)thing Your grandness in me,(D)making me (C)clean (G)Glory, (D)Hallelujah, (C)glory, (G)glory, (D)Hallelujah

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