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Where Could I Go But To The Lord Lyrics & Chords

By James B. Coats

(D)Living below in (G)this old sinful (D)world
hardly a comfort can (A)afford;
(D)Striving alone to (G)face temtations (D)sore,
where could I go but (A)to the (D)Lord?

Chorus (D)Where could I go, O (G)where could I (D)go,
seeking a refuge for my (A)soul?
(D)Needing a friend to (G)help me in the (D)end,
where could I go but (A)to the (D)Lord?

(D)Neighbours are kind, I (G)love them e(D)veryone.
We get along in sweet a(A)ccord,
(D)but when I face the (G)chilling hand of (D)death,
where could I go but (A)to the (D)Lord?

(D)Life here is grand with (G)friends I love so (D)dear,
comfort I get from Gods own (A)word;
(D)But when my soul needs (G)manna from (D)above,
where could I go but (A)to the (D)Lord?

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