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Worship You Again Lyrics & Chords

The Taylors

Verse 1 (C)We have (F)gathered in Your (Am)house and I con(A#)fess that I'm so tired The (F)burdens of this (Dm)life are (Bm)heavy on my (C)mind But (Am)I don't (A#)mean to comp(C)lain when these (A)problems cloud (Dm)my view For you (A#)deserve my highest (Am)praise (Dm)so (G)Lord this is what I'll (Gm)do Chorus (C)I will (F)lift my hands and (A#)worship (C)You (F)again (A)I can't (Dm)lift you high (G)enough for all you have (D#)been (C) Oh (Gm)for a (F)thousand tongues to sing (Gm)Halle(A#)lujah (D)to the (Gm)Lamb So (Am)I (A#)will (C)lift my (Dm)hands and (Gm)worship You (F)again Verse 2 You are Wonderful and Mighty, King of kings and Lord of all When I magnify your name, all my problems seem so small So I will lay aside my pain, and I will lift my hands to you For I know it makes you smile every time I worship you Chorus I will lift my hands and worship you again I can't lift you high enough for all you have been Oh for a thousand tongues to sing Hallelujah to the Lamb So I will lift my hands and worship you again

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