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Watching You Lyrics & Chords

By R.E. Winsett

(D)All along on the road to the soul’s true abode, There’s an Eye watching (A)you; Every (D)step that you take this great eye is awake, There’s an Eye (A)watching (D)you Chorus (D)Watching you, watching you, Ev’ry day mind the (E)course you pur(A)sue; Watching (D)you, watching you, There’s an all-seeing (A)Eye watching (D)you. As you make life’s great fight, keep the pathway of right, There’s an Eye watching you; God will warn not to go in the path of the foe, There’s an Eye watching you. Fix your mind on the goal, that sweet home of the soul. There’s an Eye watching you; Never turn from the way to the kingdom of day, There’s an Eye watching you.

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