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I'm Winner Either Way Lyrics & Chords

By Laura Colston Lewis & Trina Curtis

(C)A loved one knew he neared the end of life's (F)journey But he'd been (C)holding to God's hand a long, (G)long time As I (C)knelt beside his bed my heart was (F)blessed by (C)what he said, "If I go or if I (G)stay, victory's (C)mine." Chorus (C)I'm a winner either way, if I (F)go or if I (C)stay Cause I'll still have Jesus with me each passing (G)day I'll have a (C)healing here below, or life (F)forever if I (C)go Praise the Lord, I'm a (G)winner either (C)way! None of us really know about tomorrow So we must prepare to go to Heaven any day While we're here, just trust the Lord He'll lead us there for our reward By His grace, we'll be a winner either way!

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