When I Travel My Last Mile Lyrics & Chords

By Henry J. Donohue

(D)Some day when I travel my last (G)mile (D)here The call will be coming for (A)me I'll (D)enter the lifeboat that will (G)be (D)near To carry me (A)over the (D)sea Chorus (D)He'll hold (G)my (D)hand As over death's river I (A)go Then (D)safe (G)I'll (D)be In beautiful (A)heaven I (D)know My bark shall sail safely though waves dash high For Jesus will be at my side He'll still the rough waters when by and by I'm crossing the river so wide I'm ready to go to that golden shore To live there while ages shall roll I want to see Jesus and saints of yore In heaven the home of the soul

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