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Walk By Faith Lyrics & Chords

By Jeremy Camp

(Am)Would I believe you (C)when you would (G)say Your hand will (Am)guide my (C)every (G)way Will I (Am)receive the (C)words You (G)say Every (D)moment of every (C)day Chords Well (G)I (D)will (Em)walk by (C)faith Even when (D)I cannot (C)see it (G)Because (D)this (Em)broken (C)road (Em)Prepares Your (D)will for (C)me Help me to (Am)rid my (C)endless (G)fears You've been so (Am)faithful for (C)all my years With the one (Am)breath You (C)make me (G)new, Your grace (D)covers all I (C)do Bridge Yeah, yeah , yeah, yeah, ya Well I'm (Em)broken- but (D)I still see Your (C)face Well You've (Em)spoken- (D)pouring Your words of (C)grace Well (G)hal(D)le(Em)lu(C)jah, (Em)hal(D)le(C)lu (I will walk by faith) Well (G)hal(D)le(Em)lu(C)jah, (Em)hal(D)le(C)lu (I will walk by faith) I will walk, I will walk, I will walk by faith I will, I will, I will walk by faith

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