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Wonderful Lyrics & Chords

(D)O, my heart sings today,
Sings with joy and (A)gladness,
Jesus saves, satisfies,
Takes away my (D)sadness;
Guilt is gone, peace is mine,
Peace like to a (A)river,
Jesus is wonderful, (D)mighty (A)to de(D)liver.

(D)Wonderful, wonderful, Jesus is to (A)me,
Counselor, Prince of Peace, Mighty God is (D)He.
Saving me, keeping me, from all sin and (G)shame,
Wonderful is (D)my Redeemer, praise (A)His (D)name.

(D)Once a slave, now I’m free,
Free from condem(A)nation,
Jesus gives liberty
And a full sa(D)lvation,
Now the sins of the past
have been all for(A)given,
And my name is (D)inscribed, in the (A)book of (D)heaven.

(D)Living here with my Lord,
In a holy (A)union,
day by day, all the way,
Holding sweet com(D)munion
O what change grace hath wrought,
In my lowly (A)station
Since my soul has (D)received, (A)Full and (D)free salvation.

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