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There's A Deep Settled Peace In My Soul Lyrics & Chords

By Kate Peters Sturgill

Verse 1 (D)I found no rest (A)for my (D)soul, Until I (G)heard that story (A)told. Now I'm (D)in the shepherd's (G)fold, And there's a (D)deep settled (A)peace in (D)my soul. Chorus (D)There's a deep (G)settled (D)peace (A)in (D)my soul. I've been (G)redeemed and made (A)whole. I've been (D)washed in the blood of the lamb, And I (G)know I under(D)stand That (D)deep settled (A)peace in (D)my soul. Verse 2 Let not your heart be troubled so If to Jesus you will go. Through him you'll learn to know That deep settled peace in your soul. Chorus There's a deep settled peace in my soul. I've been redeemed and made whole. I've been washed in the blood of the lamb, And I know I understand That deep settled peace in my soul. Verse 3 And when death around you lies, And you must cross that great divide. If you have Jesus by your side You'll have a deep settled deep inside

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