The Door Was Hung At Calvary Lyrics & Chords

Verse 1 In (G)vain man tried to (C)enter Heaven for a (D)door could not be (G)found Heaven's walls were (C)great and high (Em)all in(C)side was safe and (D)sound (Em)God who so loved mankind who He had (C)made and given (D)breath He (E)Knew that to re(Em)deem them the (C)price to pay (D)was (G)death Verse 2 No (G)search was made to (C)find someone who would (D)pay this dreadful (G)price 'Cause only one, God's only (C)Son (Em)could be Heaven's (D)only door The (Em)angels knew once He was gone a (C)song would not be (D)sung For a (G)door to Heaven is (Am)of no use un(C)less on earth (D)it's (G)hung Chorus (G)A door was hung at (C)Calvary it's (D)standing open (G)wide Eternal life is (D)wai(C)ting for all who'll step in(D)side And what (G)has become earth's (Am)greatest gain was (C)Heaven's greatest (D)loss Heaven's (C)door was hung at (G)Calvary and it (C)hinges (D)on the (G)cross Verse 3 He entered this world though a virgin's womb and He felt our pain and strife Through the door of death He soon would go our great ransom paid for life Once inside the door was sealed Satan thought he'd won the war But it's no secret how death was conquered the key was in the door Chorus A door was hung at Calvary it's standing open wide Eternal life is waiting for all who'll step inside And what has become earth's greatest gain was Heaven's greatest loss Heaven's door was hung at Calvary and it hinges on the cross

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