A Cross Standing In The Way Lyrics & Chords

By Del Way

Verse 1 (D)When my (G)flesh is weak and I'm discouraged about (G)life, And I've convinced myself that giving (A)up would be all (D)right, then satan (G)whispers just take the (C)path of yester(G)day, Oh, but (C)it's not that (G)easy, there's a (D)cross standing in my (G)way. Chorus The (C)cross stands between me and (G)forever, To die in sin is a (A)choice left up to (D)me. Yes there's a (C)cross standing between me and for(G)ever, If (C)I go (G)down, (C)I'll have to (G)pass right (D)by that (G)tree. Verse 2 Sinner hear the words I'm saying to you now, If sin's flames become your home, I don't see how, Cause you'll go there through loved one's prayers they've prayed in vain, Oh not to mention that there's a cross standing in your way.

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