I'm Amazed (That You Love Me) Lyrics & Chords

By Mark Lowry

(C)No one knew how alone I was (G)feeling And the (Dm)emptiness I (G)tried so hard to (C)hide (E)Though I (Am)laughed and said my life was fine without (D)You I was (Bb)covering up the secret tears I (G)cried Then one (C) day someone told me of your (Dm)mercy And the (Dm)love You showed on a (G)hill called (C)Calvary (E)There you (Am)died and purchased my (D)redemption When you (Bb)broke sin's power and set my spirit (G)free. Chorus (C)I'm amazed that you (F)love me (Dm) (G)I'm (C)amazed how you (G)care Through your (C)precious (C)blood, I've found (F)pardon and my (C)sins are (Dm)washed, They're (C)all washed (F)away All my (C)sins are (G)washed (C)away. (C)It’s true there have been days when I’ve (Dm)failed You Lord, You (F)know the many (G)times I’ve gone (C)astray (E)But I’ve (Am)learned that Your love is stronger than my (D)weakness And you (Bb)ear is open every time I (G)pray No one (C)else has ever cared for me like (Dm)You, Lord Other (F)friends could never (G)be as close to (C)me I’m (E)not (Am)afraid to face the problems of (D)tomorrow Knowing (Bb)You are everything I’ll ever (G)need

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