I'll Trust The Potter's Hands Lyrics & Chords

By Sandy Blythe | The Whisnants

Verse 1 (D)Here (A)on the (Em)potter's (D)wheel, I (B)find (G)myself once more, My (Em)faults and (A)frailties Bring me here just (G)like (D)be(Em)fore, (D) (A)With (G)strong and (Em)loving (Bm)hands (D)The pressure (A)is (G)applied, (E)Oft times I (D)tremble as He (G)puts (Em)me (D)thru the (G)fire Chorus (D)I'll trust (A)the potter's hands, He knows what's (G)best for (D)me, (Bm)He (D)has a (Em)perfect (Bm)plan These human (Em)eyes can't (A)see, He's the potter; (G)I'm the (D)clay, He knows just (G)how much (D)I can (Em)take, When I (G)face the (D)fire (A)again (Bm)I'll (Em)trust the (A)potter's (D)hands Verse 2 His hands work deep inside And He makes no mistakes, Though it seems I'll crumble down And I can hardly stand the pain, But into His own design, He is molding me I know, Though my world spins all around The potter's in control Chorus I'll trust the potter's hands, He knows what's best for me, He has a perfect plan These human eyes can't see, He's the potter; I'm the clay, He knows just how much I can take, When I face the fire again I'll trust the potter's hands

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