I'll Take Jesus Lyrics & Chords

By Jason Crabb

Verse 1 (D)As they gambled for the robe He wore They (G)chose a worldly trail And they (A)didn't think of eternity As the (G)soldiers (A)drove the (D)nails Will we learn from what they done Or (G)make the same mistake (A)Jesus or the world my child Which one (D)will you (A)take Chorus (D)I'll take Jesus, I'll take (G)Jesus I (A)tried these worldly pleasures and (D)they failed (A) (B)When you (D)see the gates of Heaven And you (G)hear the Master say (A)Me or the world my child Which one did (D)you take Verse 2 When the pages of my life have turned And time has rolled away The greatest deeds that I have done Won't help me on that day And all my earthly treasures That I have laid away They'll be to me just a memory And this you'll hear me say Chorus I'll take Jesus, I'll take Jesus I tried these worldly pleasures and they failed When you see the gates of Heaven And you hear the Master say Me or the world my child Which one did you take

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