I'll Never Go Back Lyrics & Chords

By Charles and Ira Louvin

(D)I once was bound by the (G)chains of (D)sin There was no light to shine (A)within Down on my (D)knees I knelt and prayed And He took my burdens (A)all (D)away Chorus (D)I'll never go (A)back to the ways of (D)sin Where the Lord found me (E)and took me (A)in He came to (D)me in a world so black To the ways of sin (A)I'll never go (D)back As I travel on this narrow way I'll help the lost to find their way I'll shine my light so the world can see What a saving grace has done for me At the set of sun I'll be going home To rest my soul around the throne I'll bid farewell in a little while And change my tears for a lasting smile

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