I'll Keep On Leaning Lyrics & Chords

By The Cumberland Boys

Verse 1 (D)There are two arms on which I (A)lean through the trials of (G)live I've (Em)seen Firm foun(A)dation on which I stand, holding to His nail scared (D)hands And when my way is growing (A)dim, I learn to (G)keep my eyes on (A)Him, On His (D)everlasting arms (A)I'll keep on (G)lea(D)ning, Chorus (D)I'll keep on lea(A)ning, I'll keep on (G)lea(Em)ning (D)Safe and (Bm)secure I'll keep on (A)leaning storms may (D)rage, winds may (A)blow, He will (G)never let me (Em)go On His (D)everlasting arms (A)I'll keep on (G)lea(D)ning. Verse 2 All those times I've gone, all those times I lost my way the Shepherd reached out into the cold to bring this sheep back to the fold No matter how far astray I'd be, those arms were reaching out for me back safe in those everlasting arms I'll keep on leaning Chorus I'll keep on leaning, I'll keep on leaning Safe and secure I'll keep on leaning storms may rage, winds may blow, He will never let me go On His everlasting arms I'll keep on leaning.

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