I'll Be Going To Heaven Sometime Lyrics & Chords

By Howard Watts

(D)Are you going to be A (G)saint on that (D)shore Are the center left far (A)behind? Don't (D)you think of your soul And (G)want to be (D)saved Don't you want to go to (A)Heaven some(D)time? Chorus Some(G)times, some(D)times I'll be going to Heaven (A)sometime God is (D)leading the way and (G)I can't go astray (D)I'll be going to (A)Heaven some(D)time God is watching each day He knows each time you pray He's counting your blessings too Just do as He commands And trust His guiding hand And you'll be going to Heaven sometime God has given you light To guide you day and night He is leading you by His side He will take you away When it comes that Judgment Day And you'll be going to Heaven sometime

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