I'll Be Alright As Soon As I Touch Calvary Lyrics & Chords

By Rusty Goodman

(D)Friend don't worry about this heavy load I (G)carry Don't be (D)concerned if it sends me to my (A)knees For I (D)know a place where all my load will (G)lighten I'll be (D)alright as soon as (A)I touch (D)Calvary Chorus If my (G)feeble hands of faith could only (D)reach out Through the dark and dreary storm of (A)unbelief If he'll (D)slip his nail scarred hand into (G)my hand I'll be (D)alright as soon as (A)I touch (D)Calvary Verse II Very soon now I'll reach the hill of Golgotha I'll touch the cross that was fashioned from a tree And if one precious drop of his blood touches me I'll be alright because now I've reached Calvary

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