If You Miss Heaven (You Miss It All) Lyrics & Chords

By Carl Eddie Noack & Marvin Rumley

(D)If you're tired of sinnin' (A)take your Saviour's (D)hand There's a (G)mansion worth (D)winnin' in the great Promised Land Many (G)doubters are grinnin', (D)don't you slip and fall (G)If you miss (D)Heaven (A)you'll miss it (D)all Chorus (G)If you miss Heaven (D)you'll miss it all For (G)me to reach Heaven, (D)I'd gladly crawl The (G)smallest and weakest who love him or toss (G)If you miss (D)heaven (A)you'll miss it (D)all Our loving Saviour gave us a sake of birth And his salvation frees us from the sorrows of earth Forever with Jesus may life seem so small If you miss Heaven you'll miss it all

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