If You Don't Believe The Bible Lyrics & Chords

By Carl Jackson and Glenn Sutton

(G)You trust your family doctor and a (C)drug is for your (G)fears You take them every day and be(A)lieve they’ll cure your (A)ills And you (G)want a lawyer present when the (C)business deal goes (A)down But you’re (G)scared to death the preacher’s talking (A)hell or heaven (G)bound Chorus (G)If you don’t believe (if you don’t believe) God’s holy bible (God’s holy bible) And your faith’s (and your faith) not in the (A)Lord (G)You can’t get to heaven to (C)receive your just (A)reward If you don’t (G)believe (if you don’t believe) (If you don’t believe) (C)If you don’t believe If you (G)don’t believe the bible then (A)you don’t know the (G)Lord When you get on an airplane and the ground cannot be seen You have to put your faith in the man and his machine Yet you shy away from preachers and you don’t believe in prayer Just because you can’t see Jesus doesn’t mean He isn’t there (If you don’t believe) if you don’t believe (If you don’t believe) if you don’t believe If you don’t believe the bible then you don’t know the Lord

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