If That's What It Takes Lyrics & Chords

By The Isaacs

Verse 1 (G)This place that I'm (Bm)in (Em)feels so un(C)fair (G)This weight on my (Bm)chest (Em)seems more than I can (C)bear (Am)I can't see where this is (D)gonna end (Am)But I'll stay on my knees till (D)then Chorus (D)If that's what it (G)takes to (Bm)break my will To (G)make me still enough to hear Your (Am)voice Then I'll trust in you, Oh (C)Lord if (D)that's what it (G)takes To (Bm)realize with(G)out You I'm just going the wrong (Am)way Living life in (C)vain, Lord, (F)humble me a little more each (D)day If that's what it (G)takes Verse 2 This is not the path, I'd ever choose for me Lord, You see the bigger picture, the man I can be So Lord, I'll give you all my fears And I'll cry a few more tears Tag If that's what it takes To give my all and totally surrender to Your plan Though I may not understand Lord, give me strength to make it one more day If that's what it takes

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