If Salvation Had Not Been Free Lyrics & Chords

By Sherman Long

(C)If the price of salvation were (F)silver and (C)gold, all the poor of this world would be (G)lost; But the (C)Savior who loved us, in mercy (Am)we're (F)told, paid the (C)price on the (G)cruel rugged (C)cross. Chorus (C)Oh Lord, oh Lord, what (F)could I have (C)done, if salvation had not been (G)free? God so (C)loved the world, He gave His (Am)only (F)Son, thus (C)making a (G)way for (C)me. All the poor of my people =, thus speaketh the Lord, they shall feast on the fat of the land; Every one who will trust me, believing my word, shall be strengthened and made to stand. Oh what love and compassion, was made manifest, when He gave up His life on the tree; sure deliverance He brought to the poor and oppressed, and salvation to all is free. It is finished oh, hear Him so tenderly say, when He gave up His all on the tree; thus the plan of salvation was made on that day, full salvation for you and me.

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