If Jesus Comes Tomorrow What Then Lyrics & Chords

By Vern Gosdin

(D)If Jesus comes tomorrow to (G)spend some time with (D)you Would you answer all His questions or lie to hide the (A)truth? Would you (D)welcome Him with open arms, or (G)even let Him (D)in? If (G)Jesus comes (D)tomorrow, (A)what (D)then? (D)If Jesus calls your number, (G)could you leave (D)today? Are you ready to lay down your worldly goods and walk (A)away? Would it (D)take a month of Sundays just to (G)tell Him of your (D)sin, If (G)Jesus comes (D)tomorrow, (A)what (D)then? If (G)the sky turns black as midnight in the (D)middle of the day and somehow you knew that Jesus would soon be on His (A)way, Would you (D)have to beg forgiveness, or could you (G)reach out and take His (D)hand? If (G)Jesus comes (D)tomorrow, (A)what (D)then?

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