I Would Crawl All The Way Lyrics & Chords

By The Oak Ridge Boys

(D)A long time ago there was a Man (G)Who laid down His life on the (D)line He claimed He could make the lame walk again (E)And give back the sight to the (A)blind (D)Now some people loved Him (G)Some people wanted to take Him and put Him (D)away Well I wasn't there to see what he did (G)But if He were right here (A)today Chorus I would (D)crawl all the way to the (G)river I would (D)crawl all the way to the (G)sea Just to (D)watch Him walk on the (G)water And (D)lay His (A)loving hands on (D)me A carpenter by trade but the kingdom that He made Was build without hammer and nails It stands like a rock through the ages of time It was built with the Love that never fails I've read in the Good Book that some day He's coming And some say it ain't far away But the day that He stands on the banks of the Jordan This sinner will be on his way

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