I Want To Know More About My Jesus Lyrics & Chords

By Lee Roy Abernathy

(C)While traveling through this (F)world of (C)sorrow I'm on my way to glory(G)land I'll not turn (C)back for (F)some to(C)morrow My trials here (G)I'll under(C)stand Chorus (C)I want to know more (F)about my (C)Jesus I want to know (F)more about my (C)Lord I want to know more about that mansion I'm gonna (D)receive as my (G)reward I want to know more about that homeland And I mean to go there someday somehow And after I reach that heavenly city I mean to know more than I know now He promised when His soul ascended I'm coming back the Lord did say If on His promise you've depended On wings of love you'll soar away

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