I Still Serve An Amazing God Lyrics & Chords

By The Triumphant Quartet

2nd fret (G)You want to hear the story of (C)how i made it (G)through, when life was fll of sorrow, pain and (D)fear the (G)answer may sound simple, though (C)everything else (Am)crumbles one (G)thing has remained through all these (C)years Chorus (C)I still serve an amazing (D)God, He's been (G)with me every mile, my weary (C)feet have trod He still (G)cares, He still (D)hears, He's still mending broken hearts and drying (G)tears this old (C)world is bound to (D)change, but I'm (G)glad I know the One who always (C)stays the same and my (G)song will ever (D)be amazing God, You'r still amazing (G)me. The God who parted water still makes a way today He's always brought me through a troubled sea. The One who fed the thousands, who's word can calm the tempest He's my Bread of Life and He's my peace.

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