I Shall Believe Lyrics & Chords

By Matt Brouwer

Verse 1 (C)Come to me (G)now And lay Your hands (C)over me Will You find me to(G)night Say it will (Em)be al(D)right And I will be(C)lieve Verse 2 (C)Broken in (G)two I know You're (C)on to me That I only come (G)home When I'm (Em)so all (D)alone But I do be(C)lieve Chorus (C)That not (Em)everything I gonna (D)be The way you think it (C)ought to be It seems like (Em)every time I try and (D)make it right It all comes (C)down on me Please say (Em)honestly You won't (A)give up on (C)me And I shall (G)believe Verse 3 Open the door And show me Your face tonight I know it's true No one heals me like You And You hold the key Verse 4 never again will I turn away from you I'm so heavy tonight but your love is alright and I do believe.

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