I See Jesus Lyrics & Chords

By Cristy Lane

Verse 1 (D)I didn’t see the teardrops fall (A)in the garden where He cried. I didn’t see the nails scared hands (D)or where they pierced His side. I don’t know what Jesus saw as (Em)He looked through tear fill (G)eyes. But I see (D)Je(G)sus (A)in every tear I (D)cry. Verse 2 I didn’t see the crown of thorns they placed upon His head. I didn’t see the strips He bore or hear the words He said I didn’t see the blood that flowed from Calvary where He died. But I see Jesus in every tear I cry. Chorus (D)I see (A)Jesus In every (G)tear that (D)falls I feel His (E)presence now, He hears me (A)when I call I don’t know what (G)others (D)see When they look through (G)tear fill eyes But I see (D)Je(G)sus (A)in every tear I (D)cry Verse 3 I didn’t see the empty tomb where my saviour laid. I didn’t see the stone rolled back. But I know He lives today. I don’t when He’s coming back to take His waiting bride. But I see Jesus in every tear I cry.

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