I See Jesus Lyrics & Chords

By Frances R. Havergal & Philip P. Bliss

(G)Once a man named Stephen preached about the Lord (C)Folks were saved and (G)folks were healed (A)as they heard his (D)word (G)Satan did not like it soon he had his crowd (C)And as he was (G)tried that day (D)Steven cried a(G)loud. Chorus (G)I see Jesus standing at the father's right hand (C)I see Je(G)sus over in the (A)Promised (D)Land (G)Work is over now I'm coming to thee (C)I see Je(G)sus standing (D)waiting for (G)me. As the stones fell on him beating out his life Steven knew he'd soon be through with all toil and strife So much like the Master with a heart so true He prayed Lord forgive them for they know not what they do. Through the gates of glory down the streets of gold March the hero on the Lord into heaven's fold When he met the Saviour at the great white throne I believed he smiled and said Steven welcome home. Chorus I see Jesus standing at the father's right hand I see Jesus over in the Promised Land Work is over now I'm coming to thee I see Jesus standing waiting for me.

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